martes, mayo 01, 2012

Camden actually

So the other day I said I had visited Camden inadvertedly. Well, not so.

According to the little I know about London, Camden is a whole quarter/barriade/local name for several streets of metropolitan territory. The touristic hotspot is Camden's market, and it's definitively worth taking a look.

Camden's market, I think, is active everyday of the week. It's a market that has nostalgia, second-hand stuff, cool posters to pin up on your walls, funny T-shirts and lots of food from around the globe.


The place

The stuff

The staff

Cyberdog store is what you obtain building up a place that looks like a spaceship from Ridley Scott's Alien, guarded by two giant silverish cyborgs a' la Fritz Lang's Metropolis, populate it with dummies looking like cyborgs, workers looking like cyborgs, a DJ and two dancers that pretend being in a cyborg club (in fact, there was some club lighting, specially UV) and stuff that can fulfil your wildest appetite for neon-colored, flashy, exhuberantly futuristic er... stuff. "Stuff" meaning clothes (awesome T-shirts), complements, pongos, a sex-shop, etc.

The place is abolutely amazing, and technically is a shop, but could be a disco or a museum. The time I went by, there was QUEUE to get in, and a porter dosificated people in - like clubs do. Right after that you have to go downstairs, so the experience is more immersing. Aha, experience, that's what it was. In there, people flips out all the time. Some of them even go around bumping to the music being played by the DJ (really good one, by the way), and there's a nice mixing of locals, strangers, workers wearing impossible hairs and clothes and some urban tribes that look from outer space (mostly the workers themselves).

If you've been to Barcelona's barri gòtic you get the feeling I'm trying to transmit with some of these words. But the cyber-kitsch thematic is unique, so make sure you experience Cyberdog (as well as the whole Camden market) when you come by.

HOWEVER, they didn't have light gloves. Tsk tsk.

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