viernes, abril 13, 2012


The obvious question rises every five seconds: "so, why are you leaving exactly?"

For starters, my country doesn't deserve me anymore. I don't want to live in a country where politicians send cops to shoot the crap out of the citizens thew swore to protect, where the future looks darker every day. I'm young, brave and prepared, so I will live wherever the heck I want to live. A country where me and my future (if any) children can live like citizens and not slaves. If UK is not the place, somewhere else will be.

A job. Yeah, I love what I do - it's just that I don't do it often.
I don't have a job right now. Nor do +5M people in Spain. And let's be fair: I have LOOKED for one, only not DEEPLY. Jobs are to be found when they are searched with passion, and I guess I'm not very passionate about working in Spain anymore.

Suppose I stay in Spain. Suppose I'm the best of my promotion, and, among those +5M people, I'm the one to get a job. Suppose it's really well payed. So what? What happens to the ones who couldn't get it? What's the use of being filthy rich in a poor country? What's the use of having an incredible and expensive travel for holiday if you can't share it because it's just too cynical to show pictures of Bora Bora to some friends who struggle to sleep warm every month? What's the point in having a car if your friends can't even afford their part of the gas? I don't want to be rich. I want the whole place to be in a decent status. It's not only about personal benefit. Society, friends, family and myself.

The patriotic aspect

I guess I've never been a very patriotic individual, if you take patriotic as someone who is fond of the traditions and culture (music, cinema, ways of life) of his country.

In the Catalan side of the equation, I've grown up in a metropolitan city that looks like everywhere else, and I wear clothes that can be worn by everyone else, so I've never specially felt the core of the Catalan way of living, whatever that is. I've never been in a group of castlemakers, I thought I didn't like Sardana until recently, and Catalan rock is one of the worst phenomenae of the music scene ever. Christ, I don't even follow Barcelona FC.
Don't take me wrong; an individual can choose to develop a rich culture, one based in the neighbourhood and the warmth of human connections. Some of my acquaintances seem to do that with satisfactory results. But for me - I hardly know any name of my nearest neighbours.

In the Spaniard side of the equation, add the lame cinema and also the musical arts which, even if they can be extraordinary, I don't play. I consider killing bulls to be cromagnonesque. I rarely go to the beach, I rarely drink a sangria outdoors on a sunny afternoon and I'm too pale and clever to upload photos of me posing tanned on Facebook. I can live at night, away from the sun, during weeks, and it feels intimate and comfy.

Furthermore, I also think traditions and local culture are often used by politicians as tools to manipulate citizenship, so fuck everythink that it's not useful, meaningful or pretty anymore. I'm outta here.

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  1. Ainara Moreno10:47 p. m.

    Eiii Albert!! M'ha encantat aquest port!! Tens tota la raó! Entenc moltissim els motius pels quals marxes, jo en el seu dia també sentia algo final del trajecte, pel meu cas, casa es casa, i el cos em va demanar tornar!! pero no a tothom li passa, aixi que fas perfecte en trobar el teu lloc!! Anims i a per totes!!