jueves, abril 26, 2012

1st day: recon

The first day after I arrived I did a recon mission of the vecinity. I'm next to Camden market, so inadvertedly I visited all of it - and it's not that big. A bit bigger than Carretera de Sants, maybe. Of course, I haven't seen it on Sundays, when it truly shines. Even if it reminded me of almost any commercial street in Barcelona, the Londinense comercial landscape is quite different.

I swear to God there's one of this every 15 meters

It seems English people don't wash their clothes themselves, though I can't blame them for that. No one particularly likes it, and if you have a whole economic system based upon that fact it's OK for me.
What I can't forgive them about is the food. It's expensive. It's so expensive fruit prices are indicated using units and not kilograms. Being this my first recon, I was looking for basic supplies. Food, drink, a place to print copies of my curriculum, a bank, your typical general-purpose shop *todo-a-cien* (not too many, tho) and a library to study and read Marvel comics. Yes, you read right. They have Marvel comics. In a library. Recent ones. 

For free.

I also found a small commercial center, if a commercial center can, in fact, be small, that has a bookshop containing a section that can make any geek drool (everything to Star Wars books to Terry Pratchett and DC volumes), a multicinema and a restaurant that features the cheapest typical English Breakfast -which is always too expensive for what it offers, no matter how cheap you sell it. I'll feel like a cosmopolitan rat having a typical breakfast in a commercial center and not in any of the bazillion lovely cafés in Camden, but oh well.

I will leave the food to another occasion, since I need another 2 whole entries and a bucket next to me to talk about it. I will leave a joke, tho.

Three cookers enter a kitchen; one's Spaniard, one's French and the last one is English. The French one says "Moi, I'm going to cook a canard avec some frites served along with some bouquet wine and it's going to taste magnifique". And he did. The Spanish one says "I'm gonna make a Spanish omelette and it's going to taste awesome". And he did. The English one says, "I'm going to prepare a sandwich consisting on plain tomato, cheese, mayo, lettuce and CUCUMBER as well and it's going to taste bloody awful."
And he fucking did. 

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